Important: read or download the M&A Awards 2021 regulations here

Dear dealmakers,
Thank you for answering our call to send in your nomination for this year's M&A Awards! You are about to endorse a candidate for the M&A Award for Best Young Talent 2021. 

By submitting this questionnaire you will be pre nominating a young talent for the Best Young Talent Award. The nomination period for this M&A Award runs from 1 September to 29 October 2021 00:00.  The editorial team will assess whether the submissions (prenominations) are of sufficient quantity and quality and will subsequently present these to the jury. They will inform you before 8th November whether your submission meets all the criteria to be one of the nominees for the M&A Awards 2021.

Criteria according to the regulations:
The best young and talented professionals (aged up to and including 35) with a minimum of between three and eight years of experience in the M&A profession and a proven track record of deals on The ideal candidate makes a strong contribution to the team, reacts quickly and cooperates well with seniors, juniors and clients. The person is eager to learn, delivers superior performance and is regarded as a rising star in one’s field of expertise. The total substantiation for the questionnaire must consist of a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 1500 words and can therefore differ per question.

We distinguish three categories:
Best Young Private Equity Manager
Best Young M&A Advisor 
Best Young M&A Lawyer

Questions in the questionnaire
- Your contact details
- In which category do you want to pre-nominate a Young Talent?
- Who is the most talented M&A, legal or private equity professional of 2021?
- What are the specialties of this talent?
- How does he or she distinguish itself from its peers?
- What impact does he or she have within the organization?
- What impact does he or she have outside the organization? 
- To what extent does he or she make the difference to clients?
- Why does he or she deserve the nomination for Best Young Talent?

By completing this questionnaire, you agree that your written endorsement may be published on the websites and