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Thank you for your interest in participating in our survey! By completing this survey you have a chance to spend a voucher, worth €150,-. It takes approximately 5 minutes to fill in.

As the international center of Food Technology, it is very important for Foodvalley to attract and retain highly skilled knowledge workers in the sector. Therefore, consultancy agencies KplusV and Toekomstdoeners were asked by the municipalities of Wageningen and Ede, the province of Gelderland and the organisation Foodvalley to conduct a research regarding the location factors of knowledge workers in the FoodTech industry.

There are no wrong answers and data will be processed anonymously. There is never any reporting on an individual level.

Please answer all questions thinking of the entire region, e.g. not only your place of residence.

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* 1. Do you work in the food and/or the technology/ICT/engineering sector? 

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* 2. Which target group do you identify with most?

Definition of the 'knowledge worker':
Knowledge work is a concept that is not very tightly defined. Those who perform knowledge work - the 'knowledge workers' - are usually highly educated, creative individuals, with well-developed intellectual skills, a high degree of involvement and a great deal of autonomy in their work.

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